Why have a deposit safe?

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Thursday, September 4, 2014

A deposit safe enables a user to deposit items in the safe without opening the safe door. This is particularly important where the person depositing the items has not the required security clearance to access the high value contents of the safe.

For example, in a restaurant, the safe many hold £6,000 in cash at peak times, but it may not be desirable to allow all members of staff to have access. With a deposit safe, the staff member can deposit the cash from the tills without opening the door.

There are a number of deposit methods used, and here we show you the most common ones that are manufactured by Dudley Safes in the West Midlands and available through our website.

The Rotary Deposit

Deposit Safe 1







The Rotary Deposit is available on all safes in the Dudley range. The rotary deposit is integrated into the top of the safe and is large enough to allow parcels or cash bags to be deposited safely and easily.

The Letter Slot Deposit 

Deposit Safe 2







Available on all ranges of Dudley safes from size 2 upwards, the letter slot deposit safe can be positioned on the top, rear or side of the safe. The standard opening measures 150mm x 25mm and is perfect for all envelopes and small quantities of cash.

The Pull-out Drawer 

Deposit Safe 3







The Pull-out Drawer Deposit is available on the Harlech, Dudley, Compact 5000 & Europa models. Fitted front, side or rear facing, the drawer opening is 260mm wide, 260mm deep & 150mm high. The safe is secured by key-lock as standard for maximum security and easy access.

The Capsule Deposit

Deposit Safe 4







The Capsule Deposit facility can be fitted to any size of safe in the Dudley range. The deposit hole can be positioned in the top, rear or side of the safe and each safe comes complete with six capsules. Capsules can be supplied in different colours. This makes it easy to show that the contents come from specific tills in different departments or maybe contain different amounts of cash.