To Bolt or not to Bolt? Making a Decision on Bolting your Safe

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2015

bolting a safe

A Security Safe is the biggest deterrent to thieves or unlawful entrants to your house or office.

When a thief spots a Security Safe, the first thing that would cross their mind would be to take the safe away to a quiet location to pick or break it. Security Safes are quite difficult to break into without the aid of professional equipment and expertise. So the deterrents will be the size and weight of the Security Safe and the placement of it. People purchase underfloor safes as they are clearly out of sight, unless for people who have visited the property previously and have an idea of the existence of a hidden safe.

Bolting a Security Safe to a concrete floor or a solid wall would add another layer of security to your valuables. Heavy safes from leading manufacturers are obviously great as they are solid and intimidating in comparison to smaller safes. However, if the safe is not bolted down, you may find that thieves are prepared to move a safe if they come across one. However if a safe of this type is bolted to your concrete floor, the only way to remove it would be with a JCB! Unless you plan on deserting your property for months and live in the middle of the jungle, this would be a difficult proposition even for the most persistent of thieves.

Would you need to think about minor downsides to this?

The positives of bolting down a security safe far outweigh the negatives. But what if you are a tenant in a property? You would then need to consider the prospect of getting permissions to drill holes in the property to install the safe.

And what happens when you are to vacate the property and move on? You would then need to consider how to detach and transport your heavy security safe. You would certainly need professional help in a situation like this. And we are here to help!

Whatever be the requirement, our experienced personnel are at your service to deliver the most precise solution to your queries and help you be Secure and Safe. Contact us.