The Brand new MiniVault Silver 3 Security Safes

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Electronic home safeThe newly launched Mini Vault 3 Silver range of free-standing safes offer an incredibly robust security solution for the safekeeping of your cash and valuables. It is beautifully designed and is ideal for a wide range of applications, including domestic properties, hotel rooms and offices.

Mini Vaults are strongly built and capable of resisting attack, due to clever features such as a concealed hinge, 25mm dog bolts and an 8mm thick anti-bludgeon door that has been laser-cut to ensure it closes absolutely flush with the body, preventing attempts to pry or chisel it open.

All vulnerable areas are protected with hardened steel plates for additional peace of mind. Almost in contrast to its sturdy exterior, the Mini Vault incorporates reversible shelves with a plush velvet finish on one side, felt-lined walls and a thick foam base pad. These features allow the safes to be used for storing even delicate items, such as jewellery, watches and electronic tablets or phones.

The safes are easy to install, particularly within items of furniture such as built-in wardrobes. A battery-operated motion sensor light makes it easy to see inside the safe even when fitted in a dark corner.

Fixing holes in the back and base of each Mini Vault ensure that the safe can be securely fastened. In terms of the full MiniVault range, there are three handy sizes to choose from, with each one being available with a high security double bitted lock, or a convenient electronic lock. The Electronic versions are especially popular due to their ease of use and the ease of changing batteries.

Deposit security safe

With small businesses in mind, the Mini Vault 1 is available with a letter slot deposit, and the Mini Vault 2 (left) is fitted with a front hopper deposit.

And with the arrival of the MiniVault 3 Silver and Gold models, this range of Security Safes is getting better every day. Take a look at our full Securikey Mini Vault range and contact us with your questions.