The brand new De Raat Protector Premium range

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015

home n laptop protectorThe brand new De Raat Protector Premium Digital Locking safes is suitable for both the home and office use.

With enhanced protected solenoid in the lock, the premium range is not just sleek but also quite robust.

The highlights of this range are the Protector Premium Home and Office safe 610E and the Protector Premium Laptop Safe LTPE.

Home safe with shelvesThe Protector Premium Home and Office 610E has a cash rating of £2000 and a valuable rating of £20000.  It has a safe door made from 5mm high grade steel, the body from 2mm steel. It also has 9.5mm steel locking bolts. With 2 removable shelves and with bolts supplied for wall or floor fixing, this is an extremely reliable and cost effective home safe and a basic office safe. The digital keypad lock has low battery indicator lights. And if that wasn’t good enough, it comes with an emergency key.


Electronic laptop safeThe De Raat Protector Premium Laptop safe can secure at least 3 laptops, without a bag or a single laptop in a carrying case. In addition it is secure enough to store up to £2000 of cash or valuables to the value of £20,000. This model is specially designed to protect your laptop or tablet computer. With a safe door made from 5mm high grade steel, and the body from 2mm steel, we are already recommending this model to people who value their electronic possessions.

And if you seek variety, we also have other laptop safes like the Yale Laptop safe YLB/200 and the Chubbsafes Elements air Laptop E. And for any specific requirements you can always contact us.