Short Term Rental of Safes for events like Beer Festivals and other Outdoor (sport, music, exhibitions, air shows, melas) Events

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Friday, July 15, 2016

safe with rotary deposit

Securesafe Ltd provides bespoke services to organisers of outdoor Events like Beer festivals and other multifarious events.

Outdoor events tend to primarily transact business in cash. It is therefore logical that the cash is kept securely in an Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS) cash rated security safe. The primary considerations in identifying an appropriate safe are to make certain that some or all of the following factors are taken into account: i) insurance approved; ii) police approved; iii) high security graded; iv) British manufactured and v) provide cash security.

The longest running and the largest regional Beer festival near Cambridge manages thousands of transactions in cash and collects donations for local charities from over 40,000 visitors to its summer festival lasting over seven days.

For such outdoor festivals a good quality AIS cash rated (£100,000) Grade 5 safe needs to either be bought or rented. This rental can be for a short term of the duration of the festival or long term if the event duration is of several months. Most organisers prefer renting as they don’t need to worry about where to use these safes after the festival.

There are various types of safes which can be suitable for events or even exhibitions. Most such safes tend to be heavy and are difficult to remove. We can fit them with either key lock or electronic combination locks so that the code is known to a very select few. One can also get deposit safes like the one shown in the photograph so that all members of staff can deposit money, but only the senior management team of the festival can have access to it. We have all major brands of security safes like Dudley safes, Burton safes, Chubb safes, Securikey, SMP and many more.

The size and quality of the safe required has to be determined by the organisers based on the maximum cash that will need to be kept secure. This is termed as Cash rating, and this factor holds the key to the type and quality of safe used at such festivals. Safes are designed and insurance approved to hold a certain amount of cash or valuables.

Whatever the rental requirements of your event Securesafe Ltd requires only a simple online form to be completed and submitted for a quotation. Alternately you can call us on 01223654757 to discuss your requirements.

We will assess your requirements and quote the best possible price which will include the price of hire of the safe and the delivery and collection from a pre-agreed location. You can arrange to get the safe brought in and collected on specific dates.