Securikey: Renowned Manufacturers of the Mini Vault & Euro Vault range of Safes

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Securesafe and SecurikeyThe Mini Vault range and the euro Vault of safes are amongst our hot-selling ranges of cash security safes. These are manufactured by Securikey, a leading supplier of safes, key safes, padlocks and other security products.
Established in 1973, Hampshire based Securikey has been a trusted partner to Securesafe supplying a comprehensive range of innovative safety and security products which meet even the most demanding of environments and specifications.

Securikey are renowned for their technical expertise and knowledge of security and are committed to continually evaluating customer experience and developing their products further.

Electronic home safe

A great example is the brand new Mini Vault 3 Gold Fire Resistant Electronic safe. This new addition to the Mini Vault range offers enhanced protection with its double walled construction, which incorporates a fire resistant barrier material that not only protects its contents from heat in the event of a fire but also gives these safes a higher £4,000 overnight cash cover (or £40,000 in valuables). The brand new Mini Vault 3 Silver Electronic offers an impressive £3,000 overnight cash cover (or £30,000 in valuables).



cash and fire securityAnother popular offering is the Securikey Euro Grade 2 Safe series provide a cash rating of £17,500 and a valuables rating of £175,000. This series is all approved by the AIS (Association of Insurance Surveyors).

cabinet for key storageOther than these popular ranges, we also supply Securikey’s popular range of Key Cabinets which provide you an organised system for storing your keys. For instance the strongly made Securikey System Key Cabinet 150 with adjustable hooks and colour coded rows can efficiently store up to 150 standard sized keys. If you want to store bigger keys we have the Securikey Deep Key Cabinet 150D.


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