Protecting valuables, cash and documents against fire

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015

fire protectionThere is no doubt that fire is hazardous and destructive. But it is also important to understand that protecting valuables, documents and cash against Heat is as important as protecting them against fire. Documents, valuables and cash can get damaged or be destroyed without fire reaching them. And this can happen due to the heat generated by it.

Modern fireproof security safes are therefore designed to keep their contents protected against extreme heat and high temperatures. And they do so for a good amount of time, until the fire is doused off. Fire resistant safes and cabinets are therefore always rated as fire-proof for a certain amount of time like 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hours and so on. If you are in an environment prone to fires, procuring a fire safe with a higher rating is advisable.


Typically, fire resistant safes / cabinets have the following characteristics:

  • Fortified, thick fire resistant walls that protect the safe from melting or breaking apart.
  • Protect items from smoke that can damage valuables.
  • They will keep the heat down and therefore protect valuables against wear and tear too
  • Their insulant will be made of minerals like perlite and vermiculite which repel heat and fire


What do you wish to protect

We have an extensive collection of Fire-proof Safes for Documents, Fire resistant Safes for cash and Valuables and also Data Fireproof safes for data tapes & IT equipment.

Protect documents from fire


If your intent is fire protection for a large number of documents it would make sense choosing either Fireproof Security Cabinets like the Phoenix Firechief FS1612K fireproof document cabinet or Fireproof Filing drawers like the Fire King 21 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet. Home users can use cost-effective options like the smart Chubb Executive 60 fire resistant safe 40E or the traditional Royal 2 hour document safe R20.






phoenix fire resistant safeIf your intent is to store and protect electronic assets like Data Tapes or Drives, you should choose a Data fireproof security safe like Phoenix Data Combi 2501 2 hour data safe or any of the other safes from our extensive range of data fireproof safes.





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