Keep your home safe over this bank holiday and summer

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Friday, May 22, 2015

safety measures for holidaysIt’s summer, and it’s a bank holiday weekend. The mass exodus of people around this time of year usually means one thing – unoccupied homes. And thieves understand this very well.

And unfortunately the temptation of these empty properties is something of a red rag to a bull when it comes to opportunist thieves and career criminals.

So if the idea of coming back to a home that has been burgled is an unsettling thought, there are ways you can prevent this from happening.

Here are some helpful tips to ensue your home is secure while you are enjoying your well deserved summer holiday this year.

Don’t make it too obvious your home is empty

Try not to make it too obvious that your home is unoccupied. Drawn curtains are one certain give away, so either leave them open or get a neighbour to pull them occasionally while you are away. You might even want to install a key safe in order to allow neighbours to let themselves in easily. And key safes are quite strong and robust when installed properly. Key safes like the Supra C500 Police Approved Keysafe are built for this purpose and have been serving care homes and the elderly endlessly. Timer lighting will also help to put off potential burglars and they are relatively inexpensive to install.

Keep your plans a secret

The temptation to update your social network profile and alert your friends that you are on holiday isn’t just really annoying for everyone else, it’s also an invitation to any burglar who might just stumble across this open invite to an empty home. No matter how tempting it is, don’t ‘advertise’ your holiday plans. Wait until you get home to tell everyone about your trip. Remember that burglars are getting smarter by the day. So think about using the joy of social media on your return instead. There will be lots of photographs to share!

Check and check again that your home is secure

An obvious one this, but make sure all doors and windows are locked before you travel. It’s easy to forget simple security procedures with all the excitement and planning for a holiday, and quite often leaving a window unlocked is the only invitation a burglar needs. In fact, unlocked doors and windows are the most common ways that thieves access empty properties.

Be smart with your luggage labelling

If labelling luggage, make sure to include your name, telephone number, email address and destination. However, don’t include your home address. That way, if your luggage goes astray and into the wrong hands, they won’t have the address of your empty house.

Electronic home safeInvest in a Security Safe

Security Safes play a huge role in acting as deterrents to thieves even if they do break in. The most valued possessions can therefore be protected if security safes are used. Since safes have cash and jewellery ratings, the contents will also be insured against theft. Safes can also do the job of protecting valuables in the event of a fire. So it’s an investment worth considering, especially in holiday seasons. And the smart will also think about robust underfloor safes which will be too much of an effort for robbers to break into. And with renowned and reliable brands like Dudley, Burton, Yale, Chubb, Securikey and others, there is no better place to buy a security safe than Securesafe Ltd. We also offer great options for graded refurbished safes. Whatever be your requirement, we are committed to help you. Contact us.