How to really care for the elderly: the most secure way of providing emergency access

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2015

security for elderly

More people needing care are living in their own homes. In many cases, the person may not have the mobility to get to the door to let their carer in, so the carer must have access to the door key. If there is only one carer, simply giving them a copy of the key is an easy solution, but if there are a number of carers, this is impractical.

To fill this need in the market, a number of manufacturers have made keysafes that are fitted on an external wall, and can hold one or two keys. A carer can be given the code for the keysafe, and get to the person without disturbing them.

A keysafe holding the front door key must be secure to avoid a theif opening it and getting into the house. Today, there is only one keysafe to have Police approval, the SUPRA C500 from the KeySafe Co.  The Supra C500 is the only KeySafe to achieve LPS 1175 Level 1 security rating which means it has undergone a series of rigorous and demanding tests devised by security experts who concluded that, when installed as directed, the Supra C500 is as attack resistant as a domestic front door.

The internal dimensions of the Supra C500 3 1/8″ (H) x 2” (W) x 7/8″ (D) allows you to store between 1 and 6 keys depending on key type and length (5 – 6 Yale type or 2 – 5 Chubb Style keys).

The lock of the keysafe has up to 4000 different combinations, and users can programme the lock with 4 to 6 digits. The lock code can be changed easily, either by following the clear instructions supplied with the keysafe, or by watching the video.

With its sturdy construction and weather protection cover, the C500 is the best and only choice for a Police Approved external keysafe.

Fitting the Keysafe

If you have an electric drill suitable for drilling into a brick wall, fitting the Supra C500 is straightforward and a fitting template and special masonary screws are supplied. There is a very helpful video showing how to install the safe, or if you prefer, Securesafe offers a fixed price installation service on the UK mainland.

The choice is yours.

Some keysafes are lower cost than the Supra C500, but if you are thinking about convenience and security, then we recommend the C500 without hesitation.

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