Hatton Garden Heist: How You Can Outsmart The Thieves

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Protecting against Hatton theft

The Hatton Garden jewellery heist over Easter 2015 is touted as possibly one of the biggest heists that ever happened in Britain.

Burglars reportedly broke through a wall, abseiled down a lift shaft and spent the weekend raiding the safety deposit – where millions of pounds worth of jewels and cash were stored.

Although such an incident is extremely rare, the people who didn’t lose their valuables stored there can consider themselves highly fortunate.

However, the ones who lost their hard-earned valuables would probably never believe themselves to be so fortunate. All they did was trust their valued possessions to the secured premises at Hatton Garden.

But what could they have done to avert the loss of some of their most prised possessions?

How could you outsmart the thieves?

The answer is quite simple; they could have used a high security safe installed in their houses instead.

One of the reasons the robbers had a field day was that they had an idea of what to expect at Hatton Garden despite all the efficient security measures. They knew what the effort was worth as they were sure to find highly valued items stored there. But if you have a high-security Underfloor safe hidden away, or a high-security wall mounted safe in your house, you would be the only person to have secure access to it. And what’s more, security safes have insurance ratings for Cash and Valuables.

This means that you could declare it with your insurance providers and be covered in the event of an unfortunate theft.

If you were one of the smart customers who recently installed a high security safe and transferred your possessions in them from the vaults at Hatton Garden, you would be patting yourself on the back now.

Wasn’t it worth the extra bit you invested in securing yourself?

No wonder we at Securesafe ltd, advise our customers to ‘be safe or be sorry’. Please spread the message and feel free to contact us.