Get M&S gift vouchers with selected safes!

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

mns-voucher-securesafeNow get a £10 M&S vouchers with any brand new safe from the Securikey Euro Grade Safe range and a £5 voucher with any safe from the Securikey Mini Vault range of safes. This means that you not only get a high quality safe from the renowned range of safes from Securikey, but also get M&S vouchers.




cash and fire securityThe Securikey Euro Grade Safes offer the ultimate security solution. The range offers increasing grades of protection that can be selected depending on the value of the items (cash or valuables) being safeguarded. The safe body of this range is protected with fire and attack resistant materials. A fire-resistant seal around the door frame protects the safe interior from flame, smoke and dust. It also has fixing capabilities and can be secured against a solid wall or floor.




Electronic home safeThe Mini Vault Gold and Silver ranges are strongly built and capable of resisting attack, due to clever features such as a concealed hinge, 25mm dog bolts and an 8mm anti-bludgeon door that has been laser-cut to ensure it closes absolutely flush with its surroundings, preventing attempts to pry or chisel it open. The Mini Vault range also incorporates reversible shelves with a plush velvet finish on one side, felt-lined walls and a thick foam base pad. These features allow these safes to be used for storing even delicate items, such as jewellery, watches and electronic tablets. And the Mini Vault Gold range also incorporates a special double-walled design using a fire resistant barrier material that meets standard DIN 4102.


This offer is valid for all purchases made from the above range of safes with Securesafe. Purchases can be made through our website, through the phone 01223654757 or with us through Amazon. This offer is valid till the 30th of September 2015. Please contact us for further details.