Deposit safes provide a huge advantage for business users

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Friday, July 3, 2015

Deposit safes are a popular variety of safes when it comes to business users. They are the perfect choice for shops, offices, schools or other large businesses with a cash or valuables management issue. This is because when it comes to allowing non-key holders to still be able to place contents in your safe, it is deposit safes that solve the problem.

A situation where deposit safes can be useful:

Imagine that you are the owner of a Convenience Store which primarily handles cash. When the cash amount reaches a certain value, you would want to store it in a place more secure than a till drawer. In this situation you could instruct the till handler on duty to deposit cash in your deposit safe through capsules or envelopes. They would be able to drop cash in, but won’t have access to it once the cash is inside. You could then access the safe yourself whenever it suits you and take stock of the cash inside. (Tip: You can further safeguard your possessions by ensuring that the safe is bolted to the ground or the floor. And if you worry about being robbed at gun-point, please read this article)

Deposit safe choices

There are a variety of deposit safes to choose from

Letter slot deposit safes

letter slot depositletter slot safe

A good deposit safe option for cheques, bonds cash in envelopes or valuable papers, these deposit safes are efficient in terms of space and useful.

A good example is the Dudley Europa Grade 0 Size 2 Letter slot security safe. With Insurance approval of £6000 cash of £60000 valuables and a double bitted key lock, it’s an obvious choice for business carrying out cash transactions. And you could get a variety of electronic combination locks like the LaGuard 66E lock fitted to it for added security. If you prefer a lower cash rating, you could choose the Chubbsafes Sigma deposit safe size 3 which is compact and with a built in electronic lock.

Rotary Deposit safes

safe with rotary deposit

Rotary drawers allow much larger deposits than a letter slot safe. One can also use the rotary slot to put in bulkier items like printer toner cartridges.

A Dudley Europa Grade 0 size 2 rotary deposit safe is a great example. Fitted with an anti-fishing mechanism, cash rating £6000 and valuable rating £60000 this popular model is also available in a variety of sizes and with multiple locking options.




small rotary safe


A good example of a compact rotary deposit safe is the Chubbsafes Omega Size 1 electronic. With an insurance rating for £3000 cash and £30000 valuables, this safe is perfectly sized for businesses with smaller premises.





Deposit safes with drawers

safe with deposit drawer

Drawer deposit safes come equipped with a front-loading drawer which will allow anyone to place cash or valuables into the safe by opening and then closing the drawers.


Just like rotary deposit models, most drawer deposit safes will also have ‘traps’ in the drawer to stop anyone gaining access to the contents of the safe once they’re inside. These are called ‘anti-fishing devices’.

A popular model is the Securikey Steel Stor Drawer Deposit Safe 60WDD.



Capsul Deposit safes 

capsule deposit

Capsule deposit safes can be of two types. The first type is the floor standing capsule deposit safe like the Dudley Europa Grade 2-6 Capsule Deposit security safe. Being a Grade 2 security safe, this has a cash rating of £17500 or a valuable rating of £175000.

Capsule deposit safes enable rolls of cash or coins to be filled into individual capsules and then dropped into the safe.


underfloor with capsule

The other really popular variety in this category is the underfloor capsule deposit safe. This type of a deposit safe is equally popular with houses and businesses who don’t have much space or who really want to conceal their safe.

A very good example is the Churchill Ruby2 ER14 Underfloor Deposit safe which is a graded security safe with a cash rating of £17500 and a valuable rating of £175000.

Too much to choose from? 

Deposit safes are available in a variety of sizes brands and insurance ratings. If you wish to discuss your requirements with an expert, please get in touch with us and get free independent advice on the best deposit safe option for you.