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Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2015

protect charity shopCharity shops like many different organisations have to give a lot of thought to ways in which they can enhance security and safety. For any charity shop, safeguarding items such as cash, client or donor information and sensitive documentation is critical. One of the things that charities need to look into to help them in this regard is investing in a suitable and high quality deposit safe.

Why do deposit safes become important for charity shops? This is because as the name implies, deposit safes offer ways for people to deposit money in without needing to open the safe up. By using efficient locking methods, one can ensure that only the right person has access to the contents of the safe. From this article you will gather that there are not just safes to fit these requirements, but also specialised electronic combination locks which make the management of these tasks a lot easier.

The important thing to remember is that no charity can afford to lose money. Investing in the right type of security solution can prove to be invaluable and cost effective in the long run. Ranging from simple under the counter deposit safes to high quality deposit safes with enhanced locks, there is a lot to choose from. We recommend that you visit this extensive article on how essential deposit safes are for businesses to get acquainted with deposit safes in general. As for cost-effective solutions for charity shops below are a few options:

Burton deposit safe for charity shopDeposit Safes to be stored under the counter

These deposit safes are ideal for charity shops, as they are not only discreet but they also provide convenience and ease when it comes to depositing cash. These safes would be smaller in size, located under the counter or desk to keep them out of sight and would help in ensuring that you have fast and easy access to make your deposits. A couple of excellent examples are The Securikey MiniVault Deposit Safe alongside the Burton Teller Deposit Safe with key locking.



small deposit safe with time delaySmall Cash Deposit Safes with Time Delays

A small time delay cash deposit safe like the Burton Raid Control Counter Deposit safe is an excellent anti-raid solution for your charity shop. A safe of this type can be fitted in a choice of locations, such as under the counter or in a back office. Time-delay locks reduce the risk of theft by being programmed to open after a pre-determined number of minutes from when the code is entered. This means that even if an opportunistic thief does manage to find the safe and the code, they will then be left waiting for the safe to open before they can take anything. For amateur opportunist thieves, this is time which they can’t afford to waste. Such a safe would be good for basic security requirements.

dudley with electronic lockBut for high-security requirements it would be worth considering getting an enhanced Electronic Combination Lock like the LaGuard 66E Electronic Combination lock or a TL11 enhanced electronic combination lock fitted to a high quality insurance approved, police approved security safe like the Dudley Europa series.




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