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Short Term Rental of Safes for events like Beer Festivals and other Outdoor (sport, music, exhibitions, air shows, melas) Events

Securesafe Ltd provides bespoke services to organisers of outdoor Events like Beer festivals and other multifarious events. Outdoor events tend to primarily transact business in cash. It is therefore logical that the cash is kept securely in an Association of Insurance Surveyors (AIS) cash rated security safe. The primary considerations in identifying an appropriate safe… Read more »

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Friday, July 15, 2016

Protecting valuables, cash and documents against fire

There is no doubt that fire is hazardous and destructive. But it is also important to understand that protecting valuables, documents and cash against Heat is as important as protecting them against fire. Documents, valuables and cash can get damaged or be destroyed without fire reaching them. And this can happen due to the heat… Read more »

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weather-resistant Security postboxes are a must-buy for home owners

Home owners would certainly agree that having a strong, weather-resistant and well-designed postbox is very important in ensuring that their post stays secured from thefts and weather. Security, design and access are all important factors to consider when choosing the right post box. But some people do tend to overlook some of these factors, leading to soaked… Read more »

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Monday, September 21, 2015

A must-read for owners of charity shops

Charity shops like many different organisations have to give a lot of thought to ways in which they can enhance security and safety. For any charity shop, safeguarding items such as cash, client or donor information and sensitive documentation is critical. One of the things that charities need to look into to help them in… Read more »

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Get M&S gift vouchers with selected safes!

Now get a £10 M&S vouchers with any brand new safe from the Securikey Euro Grade Safe range and a £5 voucher with any safe from the Securikey Mini Vault range of safes. This means that you not only get a high quality safe from the renowned range of safes from Securikey, but also get… Read more »

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Securikey: Renowned Manufacturers of the Mini Vault & Euro Vault range of Safes

The Mini Vault range and the euro Vault of safes are amongst our hot-selling ranges of cash security safes. These are manufactured by Securikey, a leading supplier of safes, key safes, padlocks and other security products. Established in 1973, Hampshire based Securikey has been a trusted partner to Securesafe supplying a comprehensive range of innovative safety and… Read more »

Posted by: webrevolve | Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2015